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Adriano Oliveira Dantas studied Aerospace Engineering at ITA (Aeronautics Institute of Technology) in São José dos Campos (São Paulo). In college he has had experiences of teaching with teens and vulnerable people. He has worked in some Brazilian start-ups and has taught Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics at several Brazilian schools. He also taught the boys to prepare them for university entrance exams. He has worked for several social projects with children aged 12, 13 and 14 from low-income families, to offer a chance to those students who have no chance to continue their studies due to learning difficulties, family or housing problems. . He has prepared many young people to participate in the Brazilian Mathematics Olympics. He currently deals with financial markets but continues his voluntary work in support of the weakest. Adriano believes that his Brazil is not very different from Africa. Even in your country, high levels of education are available only to a small part of the population who can afford it. This ranked Brazil among the 10 most unequal nations in the world and, although the country is one of the richest in natural resources, it has a level of poverty comparable to some African countries and is also at the bottom of the ranking in terms of education and upbringing. This shows that a nation without a national education cannot be successful and effectively fight poverty. This is why Adriano has decided to continue sharing his knowledge with those who have not had the same opportunities as he did. His experiences have taught him that a quality education is not unattainable and that even with few economic possibilities, thanks to small but effective educational initiatives, it is still possible to obtain great successes.



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