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Alessandra Rubelli is twenty-two years old and has just completed the exams of the degree course in "Security and International Cooperation" at the Faculty of Law of Sassari.

Since our association signed an agreement with the University of Sassari in 2017, through the "Ulysses" student exchange program, Alessandra decided to turn her volunteer quarter in Kampala at our school into her degree thesis.

The topic of the study will be the out-of-control demographic growth that currently affects the entire African continent, the analysis of local cultural and religious beliefs and aversions and the scarce diffusion and use of contraceptives.

This degree thesis is also one of the objectives of our association which has long denounced the very high African birth rate and in general of the countries of the South of the world, as the major problem also linked to the current humanitarian refugee crisis, to environmental and food sustainability at a planetary level.

The thesis will be experimental, in English, and will include interviews with adolescents and adults, along with extended meetings in the villages and cooperation with other NGOs working on the same issues.



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