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Betty Mukisa Ndagire was born in Kampala on 7 July 1982. She is married, has three children and lives in Kibiri Busabala, near Kampala.

From 1995 to 1998 he attended the institute "Luteete Secondary School" obtaining the diploma "Uganda Certificate of education". Later in 1999-2000 he attended a specialization course at the "Greenlight High School" acquiring the "Uganda Advanced Certificate of education". In 2001 she enrolled at Makerere University Business School but for economic and work reasons she could not finish her studies.

After the University he worked in Kampala at the Traders Association Receptionist, then in Entebbe at the "Victoria Region Motel", then as a manager at the "Grocery Shop", and with various positions at "Knitting sweaters".

Betty is a serious professional with excellent interpersonal skills and good listening skills, particularly evident in work situations to be carried out in a team.

He is a firm and determined person with proven moral integrity that represents the ideal link between traditional African culture and the most innovative European school management practices. For this reason, from January to December 2017 he worked as a director in the Elementary School "Deborah Ricciu - Expand Horizons" of Kibiri (Kampala, Uganda).

Betty is a very nice, cheerful and sincere woman who quickly makes friends with everyone. Great worker, always ensures the accomplishment of the agreed tasks in order to satisfy all the organizational objectives required.



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