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With the price of a coffee that you get everyday at the coffee shop you could support the long distance adoption of a child at our school. In this way you can give them the opportunity to get out of the condition in which they often find themselves, from child exploitation, prostitution, malnutrition, disease, life on the street, guaranteeing everyone the childhood they deserve.

With a little contribution you can adopt our school and offer lots more children the chance to go there and study in the best conditions. Also, with your support we can get the school books we need, the test books and provide to pay for electricity, telephone connections, internet and Skype, and the maintenance of all educational and technical facilities and equipment.

Teachers in Uganda have a salary of on average 500,000 Ugandan schillings per month, which corresponds to about 150 euros a month. They work from 7:40am to 4:30pm for 5 days out of 7. It isn’t much but it gives them a good standard of living. They are important people not only becuase of the lessons but also working during lunch and building a rapport with the children’s families.

If you’re not scared of dust, heat or a lack of comfort, come to Uganda and work with us. If you are trained in a manual skill (you are a builder, electrician, metalworker, carpenter etc.) you can give us a hand with improving the school. Even if you are an artist, a musician, a juggler or a trainer, many children will be happy to share hours of play and fun with you.

We are always looking to recruit university students, teachers- secondary or primary who are free to come and teach at our school in Kibiri, Uganda for at least 1 of the three terms, annually. The 3 terms are always from February to December.  Flights, board and lodging will be paid by our NGO. The term is accredited by Italian universities. You need at least a B1 level of English to take part.



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