This overwhelming girl is Alessandra Rubelli, twenty-two years old and has just completed the exams of the degree course in "Security and International Cooperation" at the Faculty of Law in Sassari. She will be our new teacher for three months. As our association signed an agreement with the University of Sassari in 2017, through the "Ulysses" student exchange program, Alessandra decided to turn her volunteer quarter in Kampala into her degree thesis. The subject of the study will be the out-of-control population growth that currently affects the entire African continent, the analysis of local cultural and religious beliefs and aversions and the scarce diffusion and use of contraceptive methods. This degree thesis is also one of the objectives of our association which has long denounced the very high African birth rate and in general of the countries of the South of the world, as the major problem also linked to the current humanitarian refugee crisis, to environmental and food sustainability at a planetary level. The thesis will be experimental, in English, and will include interviews with adolescents and adults, along with extended meetings in the villages and cooperation with other NGOs working on the same issues.


A new friend arrived at the school. Her name is Sabrina Mura, she lives and works in Sassari as a lawyer, and she is a really "tough" one. She is a fervent activist of Human Rights and fights in particular against violence against women, defending them even in court in trials where they are victims of abuse. She is co-founder of ACOS, a voluntary association of Sassari committed to combating enslaved prostitution and is aimed at all persons, foreigners, minors and adults, who live in a condition of compulsion and exploitation as being forcibly and / or deceptively involved in the prostitution racket, situations of violence, trafficking and sexual slavery, etc. She wanted to come to Africa to see for herself the local female reality and to raise awareness about women's rights and against couple violence, and in defense of women (especially Nigerians) victims of the prostitution racket.

This beautiful and nice girl is called Carolina Cuccu and will soon become part of our family. Carolina, who is 22 and is about to graduate in Political Science, will leave for Kampala in a few days as a volunteer teacher at our school. "The possibility of volunteering in Africa has been a dream that has been in my drawer for a few years and finally, thanks to this organization, it is becoming a reality", Carolina told us. "My goal during the time I spend in Kampala is to make it as useful as possible for me to improve, even if little, the reality of these children. I would like to approach them on the subject of human rights and civic education, so that the knowledge and understanding of these can be a stimulus to exercise them, defend them and spread them: a tool for a better future. I look forward to this experience! " We are sure that his enthusiasm and his overwhelming sympathy will strike the hearts and minds of the children of our school. This important experience will be of great enrichment and growth for you and for all of us.


A protocol was signed between the University of Sassari and the NGO Deborah Ricciu - Expanding Horizons, within the course of study "Security and International Cooperation". The protocol will allow all students and doctoral students, who will work as volunteers to our NGO's projects in Uganda, to receive educational credits, valid for the purposes of their course of study. In particular the fields of collaboration are: social security, food security, the fight against desertification, human rights and international cooperation. For students and doctoral students this partnership will be an opportunity for considerable theoretical-practical enrichment, while for our association it will mean being able to take advantage of the collaboration of volunteers with higher education and training able to better interact with the local population and for the development of various projects. The University of Sassari has already signed several agreements with important associations such as the International Civil Service, Emergency, OSVIC, etc., and it is a source of great pride and satisfaction for us to be recognized among the most reliable associations. Not surprisingly, several university students have already expressed interest in participating in a stay in Kampala as teachers and cultural mediators.