Our school, entirely free, has a 7 year educational program (equal to the duration of the primary school cycle in Uganda). The school which hosts orphans and children of disadvantaged families, is divided into 3 classes: a year 3, a year 2, a reception class. We will accompany these children until they obtain the Elementary School Diploma.

Often in Ugandan schools, games or manual and practical activities are not encouraged or do not exist at all. Young girls are the most excluded, often forced to play with each other  or confined to typically female spaces and roles. In our school all boys and girls can play with each other without prejudice to sex, family or social status.

In addition to the school programs, permanent music lessons and workshops will be held with the presence of local and european volunteers and musicians. Great attention will be paid to indigenous musical instruments. We have also planned several workshops for the creation of musical instruments with poor and recycled materials.

Despite the scarce availability of spaces and structures dedicated to sport, sports activities such as gymnastics, running, football, volleyball, etc. take place in the school. Sport is a powerful factor of equalization between genders. In fact, girls are often excluded from all sporting activities. Volunteers will be able to coach local football teams and organize tournaments.

We are always available to participate in demonstrations to show people what we have been doing in Uganda. If you are a parent or a teacher, we invite you to show your students a couple of images of our school, or use videos or games to help your children better understand the value of school and how lucky they are to be able to attend one…

We signed a protocol between the University of Sassari and the NGO Deborah Ricciu - Espandere Orizzonti, within the course of study "Security and International Cooperation". The protocol allows all students and doctoral students, who work as volunteers on our NGO projects in Uganda, to receive credits valid owards their degree programme.