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The school’s staff is comprised of volunteers who mostly live in Sardinia and Uganda. During the summer months and the school-terms, volunteers from the rest of Europe also work in the school. Spanish, German, Polish and Norwegian friends also give us a hand to keep up contacts worldwide. Of course there are a lot of supporters who kindly donate money… None of us are paid and all expenses are borne by us. Whoever wants to help, is welcomed.

Our mission is an education based on scientific premises, the use of the Cooperative Learning,  social and religious tolerance and on the values of peace and equality. We wish to create a blend of the positive aspects of african culture with the best scientific and humanistic practices of Western culture, taught by Ugandan and European teachers and using a modern didactics, with many practical and out-of-school activities, the civic education and environmental protection.

We follow an ethic and moral imperative: to always be transparent with the use of ours and our donors’ money. For this reason, we always publish the receipts of all our expenditures, purchases and work done. Our finances are easy to understand and updated every three months, so that it is easy to understand what our donors, money is spent on. We are also clear to the ugandan families that entrust us their children, we always show how we run the school and how we spend the money.


Uganda the “Land of Freedom”, as it goes in the National anthem, is a nation of extraordinary beauty and culture, with a hardworking and peaceful, multiethnic population. Politically it is a stable nation, which has managed to recover after years of civil war, improving its standards of living. However, a lot of its problems, like overpopulation, environmental decay and widespread poverty are far from being solved. In the capital Kampala, over 1.6 million people live in a huge gulf between rich and poor. Uganda ranks 157th out of 182 countries, according to the Human Development Index. The birth rate is out of control and there are 2.5 million orphans. In spite of the Government’s efforts, public schools often do not satisfy the high demand for education, whilst private schools charge fees which are often too expensive for poor families. Hence we decided help these orphans and in 2015 we built a school - free of charge - trying to offer the best secular and scientific education possible to the poorest children. Our founding values are Modern Science, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Declaration of the Rights of  Children.  We understand that it is just a drop in the ocean, but it is worth it to give these children a better life and future.

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