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On the 23rd of January 2017, the first school day at our compound  in Kibiri (Kampala)  started with a single Primary year one class. The schooling and educational program is entirely free of charge, lasting 7 years (according to the Ugandan National Program for Primary Education). It is focused on just one class made up of pupils, most of them orphans; these children will leave the school in 2024, at the age of 13-14.  It is a big commitment and challenge for us, for the children and the parents alike (the few left). Our goal is to educate our children so that in 2024 they will easily pass the admission tests at the best Ugandan high schools and receive grants because of their grades and eventually move into the job market with a sound background. We’ve decided to focus on quality and not quantity, contrary to many other Ugandan schools with classes made up of 80 to 100 pupils, squeezed together only to make money out of the school fees, to the detriment of real learning. We opted for didactic learning and educational excellence, which is only possible with fewer pupils and more teachers per class. For that reason, it is of paramount importance to us to hire highly motivated Ugandan and European teachers, so that the pupils can get the best out of the two cultures. Our education is secular and non-religious and also focuses a lot on manual activities, playing, games, traditional African dancing and music, drama and sport. The school also hosts a kindergarten for children:  one nursery (ages 2-4)  and one Top Class (ages 5-6), of course free of charge.



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