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We respect the universal values of peace, the rejection of war and every other form of violence and oppression, as stated in the "Declaration of right of the peoples to peace", and the values of the human dignity and mutual understanding.

We teach the acquisition of correct behavior in terms of energy saving, reduction, recovery, reuse and recycling of materials, correct disposal of waste with zero or limit of harmful emissions. We promote the limitation of polluting urban emissions.

We respect the values of equality between men and women, the principles of civics and honesty, religious tolerance, laicity of education, social justice, solidarity against all forms of xenophobia, marginalization and racial discrimination.

We teach a respect for Nature and of all living beings, and the use of renewable energy for a zero emission and waste society, as well as the reduction the ecological footprint of the whole school. We promote CO2 compensation activities through planting and reforestation projects in Uganda and Italy. 

We foster the Human Rights and the Freedom Rights for adults and children, as stated in the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights, and in the Convention of Children’s Rights. We fight the inequality and the corruption. We do not give or accept bribes for any reasons. 

We promote the use of contraceptives among the parents of our school’s children, through family planning meetings, as well as raising awareness on bodily diseases, the personal and domestic hygiene, the prevention of transmission of contagious diseases and community infections.




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