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On December 17, 2021, a protocol was signed between the University of Sassari and the NGO Deborah Ricciu - Espandere Orizzonti which will allow all students enrolled in the three-year degree course in Educational Sciences who request it to carry out a curricular internship. at our elementary school in Kampala, Uganda, as part of the Ulysses project. Students of the degree course in Educational Sciences are trained to access the professions of professional educators, specialists in the education and training of people with disabilities, reintegration and social integration technicians. The professors of the University of Sassari, evaluating our work very positively, contacted us and showed themselves very interested in building an agreement with us that will allow all students and doctoral students, who will work for a period of at least 3 months as volunteers on projects of the our NGO in Uganda, to receive training credits, valid for their course of study. The University of Sassari requires students to acquire 11/12 credits, which are equivalent to about 275/300 hours, possibly with a load of 25/30 hours per week. The trainees will be selected on the occasion of two calls: a main one in October of each year and a reopening in January-February of the following year. Ulysses mobility must be completed by the first half of November of the reference year.

For students and doctoral students this partnership will be an opportunity of considerable theoretical and practical enrichment, while for our association it will mean being able to take advantage of the collaboration of volunteers with higher education and training able to interact better with the local population and for the development of our projects. The University of Sassari has already signed several agreements with important associations such as the International Civil Service, Emergency, OSVIC, etc., and it is a source of great pride and satisfaction for us to be recognized among the most reliable associations. Not surprisingly, several university students have already expressed interest in participating in a stay in Kampala as teachers and cultural mediators.

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