A protocol was signed between the University of Sassari and the NGO Deborah Ricciu - Expanding Horizons, within the course of study "Security and International Cooperation". The protocol will allow all students and doctoral students, who will work as volunteers to our NGO's projects in Uganda, to receive educational credits, valid for the purposes of their course of study. In particular the fields of collaboration are: social security, food security, the fight against desertification, human rights and international cooperation. For students and doctoral students this partnership will be an opportunity for considerable theoretical-practical enrichment, while for our association it will mean being able to take advantage of the collaboration of volunteers with higher education and training able to better interact with the local population and for the development of various projects. The University of Sassari has already signed several agreements with important associations such as the International Civil Service, Emergency, OSVIC, etc., and it is a source of great pride and satisfaction for us to be recognized among the most reliable associations. Not surprisingly, several university students have already expressed interest in participating in a stay in Kampala as teachers and cultural mediators.