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Bambini che giocano nella Scuola Elementare "Deborah Ricciu - Espandere Orizzonti" a Kibiri, Kampala (Uganda)

In Ugandan schools, manual and practical activities related to play are often absent or absolutely insufficient. Above all, girls are the most excluded, often forced to play with each other and / or confined to typically female spaces and roles (mother, daughter, market, kitchen, etc.). In our school all boys and girls have the right and the possibility to play with each other without foreclosures of sex, family or social / economic status. Everyone can attend special playful and creative workshops for the construction of articles in paper and cardboard, for the creation of small objects with wood and small stones, for the construction of kites and sailing boats, for the creation of wooden toys or recycled materials, for the repair of old toys, etc. Games with Lego constructions and Meccano play an important role, and board games, strictly cooperative or role-playing, together with puzzles, checkers, chess, dominoes, wari, mancala, etc.



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