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On your wedding day we propose an original idea: ask your guests to donate to our school! Instead of money wasted on useless presents, invite your guests to make a small donation to our school and it will help alleviate the bad conditions that the orphans and impoverished children of Kibiri face everyday. You could help to save them from trafficking, malnutrition, illness and a life on the street. You could guarantee them a better life.


We invite you to add our school to your wedding present list, see the below details for how to make the transfer:


IBAN: IT23C0306972148100000006459

Banca Intesa San Paolo - Filiale 13855

Corso Umberto - Olbia (Italia)

Indicate your cause:

Wedding list of……………….. and ..........................


The happy couple will receive news of how exactly the money is spent and the names of those who have donated. To open your wedding donation list, please send us a message on Facebook, with your name and the date of your wedding or to Then share with as many people as possible! Start your new life together with the gift of our smiling children in Kibiri (Kampala - Uganda).



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