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On 23 January 2017, the first school year of the First Elementary class began in our school in Kibiri, near Kampala (Uganda). The program, entirely free, will last 7 years (equal to the duration of the primary school cycle in Uganda).


The children will drop out of school in 2024, when they are 13-14 years old. We made a choice of quality and not quantity, in contrast with many other Ugandan schools that have classes of even 80-100 children for the sole purpose of making money on school fees.


We preferred to focus on didactic, training and educational excellence, possible only with a few pupils and more teachers (and of quality!) Both Ugandan and European.


We will never be able to help all African children, but the ones we help, we want to help them well! For this reason, the contribution of European teachers will be fundamental, who will work day by day with their Ugandan colleagues, bringing their wealth of knowledge and experience, partly still unknown in Uganda. The teaching will be non-denominational and will also take care of many manual and practical, playful and sporting activities.

We are looking for European Kindergarten and Primary School teachers willing to live for at least three months in Uganda and work at our primary school in Kibiri. They will have to work day by day, alongside their Ugandan colleagues, for about 30 - 35 hours a week (Saturdays and Sundays will be free), bringing to the school their wealth of knowledge and experience, partly still unknown in Uganda. Children will have to follow the educational programs prepared by the Ugandan Ministry of Education and will use school books and tests provided by the government, to which additional teaching texts chosen by teachers can be integrated.


Teaching periods are as follows:

1st term: From 1st February to 30th April

2nd term: From 20th of June to 20th August

3rd term: from 10th September to 10th December


We take teachers of any gender or age if they are motivated and able to adapt. Return flights are paid by our charity and bed and board provided in Kibiri for the duration of your stay. We also pay a salary of 150 euros per month (the same salary as the Ugandan teachers), which in Uganda is  the equivalent of about 1000 euros. Volunteers stay in a single bedroom, with access to an outside bathroom (like a 1 or 2 star hotel in Europe or the USA)


It is possible to request a teaching placement for one of the school terms or the whole school year.


If you are interested, and like the sound of this experience, please send your CV to:

Email:          Cell: +39 327.9122164          Skype: roberto.schirru.1969



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