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Estefania Bravo Valentin is a Spanish cultural anthropologist specializing in health, international relations and sub-Saharan Africa. He arrived in Uganda for the first time in 2012 to work as a volunteer in an orphanage run by an American NGO. This experience, during which she participated in the care and education of about 30 orphans with traumatic stories, has profoundly changed her and increased her interest and passion for the African continent, international cooperation and work with children in contexts multicultural.

This first visit to Uganda (Entebbe - Malayaka House) allowed her to see reality from other points of view and through the eyes of the local population, to learn new ways of perceiving time, space and personal relationships, and to become oneself I realize that grassroots work to help achieve the goals of disadvantaged individuals and communities, struggling to counteract inequality, was what he really wanted to dedicate his life to.

The following years were dedicated to continuing his education abroad (University of Amsterdam: Master in Medical Anthropology and Sociology) and in Spain (Autonomous University of Madrid: Master in African Studies), as well as acquiring his first professional experience in the field of cooperation and social intervention (Red Cross League, Women Project and Doctors Without Borders-Central Africa), while working as a tutor for children of different ages and teacher of English for adults However, his passion for adventure, to know others cultures, traveling and working with people, led her to return to Uganda in 2016 with another Spanish NGO (Bambini Uganda Entebbe) and to participate in other activities in the field of cooperation (management, monitoring, planning, etc.) and to work with children in a local orphanage.

In 2017, in search of the opportunity to work in the third sector and to remain in the field for a long period of time, he found the opportunity to join the work of the NGO “Deborah Ricciu-Espandere Orizzonti” near Kibiri (Kampala - Uganda), which represents the perfect opportunity to continue to implement his experience and continue to learn from other international and indigenous professionals. The daughter of a teacher of pedagogy and accustomed to living in a large family and working with children, for her, dedicating herself to school as a teacher means not only satisfying her career prospects, but also feeling personally fulfilled.



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