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Andrea Castricato was the first "sports volunteer" to collaborate with our school.


Andrea is a young F.I.F.A.-certified football coach who has decided to dedicate 3 months of his life to the children of Uganda.


Since his arrival, he has put his skills as a sportsman and coach at the service not only of the children of our school, but also of those from all over the neighborhood.


Andrea took on the task of coaching several local football teams, but thanks to his availability and competence, he immediately became a real important point of reference for all the kids in the neighborhood.


In addition to football, he will also join volleyball, gymnastics, running, etc. Andrea also taught a minimum of sports medicine, hygiene (unfortunately always too neglected) and first aid.


Andrea was also the organizer of the first "Deborah Ricciu Trophy - Espandere Orizzonti", a quadrangular football that saw some teams from the area compete.


At the end of the tournament, the official awards ceremony took place with the delivery of cups and prizes for all and with a nice party with music and dances.


Andrea, who has already had similar experiences in Spain and Australia, also passed on his sporting experience to some very young local coaches, who were happy to have him as an instructor and consultant.



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