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Lydia Birimuye

Lydia Birimuye, 31 years old and single.


She and she is a woman who is determined and oriented towards achieving the assigned work goals.


She has a professional, polite and helpful way of dealing with people and demonstrates an uncommon open-mindedness.


She is also a team leader with the right determination to excel even in hectic work environments.


She is able to work in areas such as administration and business operations, consulting, social work, human services, travel and consumer technology products.


She came to our school to take care of what in Italy would be called "Manual and practical activities".


Lydia is in fact a very creative person with an excellent imagination and dexterity.


She likes to propose activities that can enhance the different craft skills inherent in children and adults.


She has a Diploma in Hotel and Institutional Management, has attended various professional training courses and holds a BA in Humanities and Social Anthropology from Makerere University College of Health Science.


In 2019 she became the director of our school.



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